Audit of missions and means

Based on quick though in-depth analyses, audit conclusions are prepared by Alderney consultants over the current situation of a company or one of its activities.

Audits can concentrate for instance on main assets and weaknesses of a company under current sale negotiation or on the quality of an Information Systems department, its strengths, its means, its costs.

Formalization of IT issues for leaders

Alderney consultants act as translators between top managers and IT people on subject matters such as a large investment, cost benchmarking or risks associated to IT security and business continuity.

Strategic, financial and technical issues are scrutinized: executive summaries are specifically designed to help top management in their decision making process.

Project management

We manage technical IT projects as well as the implementation of state-of-the-art best practices, as suggested by ITSM (Information Technology Service Management).

Projects relate for instance to reducing operational risks in systems management, implementing a PMO (Project Management Office) or setting up a Service Desk.

Digital transformation

Inevitable digitalization in contemporary society forces each business to review its strategy. Our approach relies on a marketing redefinition of the company’s role on its sector.

Alderney helps small- and medium-sized companies restructure their product/service offer and their costs; within a climate favoring exchanges with staff members involved.